The Muse’s Touch

The Muse's Touch

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Despite being an incubus, Davin Murphy has been living by a code of strict celibacy by feeding off women’s dreams and fantasies. And he was perfectly content to keep things that way, especially with a particular writer who tempted both the man and the demon in him.

Paige Summers, up and coming erotic romance author and complete realist, draws her inspiration from the muse that visits her in her dreams. His words and his touch sets her creativity free and her body aflame. Little does she know that her imaginary lover is not as imaginary as she thinks.

But when her life is threatened by inexplicable forces and her muse’s look-a-like shows up at her doorstep offering protection, Paige must work with Davin to survive against the odds of she wants to any semblance of her old life back.

The question is what’s more important – her sanity or her heart.

Praises for The Muse’s Touch

“Amazing story that will captivate your imagination. You’ll feel all the emotional possible and the steamy scenes are tasteful and so very wonderful. Would recommend to any adult who loves a great read.”

“This story is amazing!! It’s a twist and turn every step of the way. Mythology, action and romance what more can I say except, stop reading this review and go read the book!!!”