The Will to Serve

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Work. Food. Sleep. Rinse and repeat. On the surface, Luna Weir leads a perfectly normal life but behind closed doors, she gives in her desire to surrender, to serve someone wholeheartedly. That someone is Jacob Dakota. Charming, mischievous and entirely dominant.

But just their time together draws to an end, Luna’s past in the form of the charismatic Bryan Walsh returns. Caught between impossible choices, Luna must make the right ones or her actions may end up costing her everything.

Praises for The Will to Serve

“The Will To Serve is captivating, steamy, enjoyable and downright a guilty pleasure…”

“I have no words for how much I loooooved and appreciated that book. I really enjoyed reading it. It shed so much light on a couple of questions I had, and some I didn’t know I had!”